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Half-Life: Alyx AMA Shares Game Finished Development, No Delays Are Expected Ahead Of Release

Posted on January 25, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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This past week or more now have been flooded with fans across the gaming landscape predicting which titles will be the next to be placed on the delay chopping block. However, regarding Valve’s upcoming virtual reality prequel Half-Life: Alyx, that is simply not the case. In a recent AMA that the development team hosted on Reddit earlier this week, we learned that development is going according to plan for the team.

While the studio did disclose a handful of answers that fans were dying to unearth from the team, we will discuss some of the juicier parts from this week’s conversation. For starters, Valve has announced that development for the game has actually been completed, and the development team is well on its way towards maintenancing the game for full release.

Which then segues to the previous statement where the developer reassures that Half-Life: Alyx is not expected to be delayed. Although projects recently have been plagues with a longer wait time, Valve’s upcoming entry will not, however. Running across a four year development process, it was also revealed in the AMA that this is the biggest project comprised of developers involved, counting roughly 80.

This strands onto the previous claim that was reported last year which cites that development for other projects at Valve were shelved in favor of Half-Life: Alyx. Discovering that both Campo Santo alongside the team responsible for the Team Fortress 2 updates were working on the virtual reality experience: sources clarifying that work has officially ended for the 2007 title.

Interesting enough, the team also shared that fans could also expect full Source 2 SDK sometime after the initial launch of the game. Although the team does only brush upon the possibilities, it is appreciated now knowing that the developer is aware of the highly-requested modding interface for Valve-developed projects.

Determining when we will see the game’s release is expected to be very soon as told by Jamaal who clarifies that work is looking very good in the last phase of the project’s development. “The team is working diligently and we are on track to deliver HL:A on our announced released date. It’s an exciting time.” Additionally, Valve also tells that players will be riding a train sometime during the game, so there is also that to look forward to as well.

Are you planning on getting Half-Life: Alyx later this year?

Half-Life: Alyx is set to release sometime in 2020 for Valve Index.

Source: Reddit

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