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Halo 16/4/2016 Community Update!

Another Friday has come, and Brav from 343i has released another Halo Waypooint community update. This time around, it goes through some peeks at some Forge & armor teases, talk campaign balance, and more.
First part of the update was talking about how much more players are using Spartan Lasers since the patch that fixed it up a bit. The stats are below
Splaser stats
We then got more news about Warzone Firefight, which was just about the feedback so far in the beta trial we were given. But the next piece of news is a lot more exciting, considering it’s about a topic most of us love. Infection. With it’s release coming early May in the Memories of Reach update, we got more news on how it would go about. Brav went to reveal that they were testing different maps going to be used in the mode, with pictures of an infected Riptide variant, a community created map by WyvernZu and a look at some new forge features in affect for the next update.
Another big point made in the update was the arena map fixes. Coliseum, Fathoms and empire all had map changes made, icluding different weapons spawns and power weapon pads moving to different places, forcing players to come up with a few different startegies to win the game. But on a non-competitive note, Fiesta and other modes have been added to the custom games playlist.
Last piece of news we got was from Chris Proctor, 343’s senior systems designer, who designed the enemy AI, tuned the difficulty and redesigned promethean weapons for Halo 5’s campaign. He gave a brief summary of how they made it more balanced according to feedback given from fans. This included; Solo & Co-op difficulty tuning, enemy AI buffing for harder/lower difficulties (Needlers can now supercombine/Storm rifle not as accurate), better Elite animations/durability, and of course, the ‘Call for Help’ friendly AI fixing of them going back and forth and not actually reviving you.
That’s all we got from Brav this type around (Apart from a quick screenshot of Emile’s armour), so see you next time until the next Waypoint community update.Emile's armour

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