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Halo 5: Guardians Launch Day Multiplayer Playlist

Posted on October 13, 2015 by TwiztedShotzTV

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Halo 5: Guardians Launch Day Multiplayer Playlist

It’s finally here! Halo 5 Guardians has gone GOLD and the team at 343i are releasing daily tidbits to tide us along until release on 10/27/15

Part of the hype machine this week it the announcement of the week one playlist that has been set in place for Guardians to try out all the latest features and maps in Halo 5 Guardians.

Below is the extensive list posted by IGN that details all the goods plus some Q&A with Quinn DelHoyo on the subject of playlist details.


Warzone – 24 players on massive maps with REQs and AI adversaries. Halo multiplayer has never been bigger!

Seeing as how Warzone matches can last upwards of 30 minutes join in progress is very important to keeping the party full & playing with your friends coming online during these epic matches. When asked this is what 343i had to say..  Quinn DelHoyo – “Warzone will have join in progress enabled.”

Content: Warzone
Escape from A.R.C. Warzone
Raid on Apex 7 Warzone
March on Stormbreak

Warzone Assault – Destroy the Power Core or defend it in this asymmetrical Warzone mode variant.

Content: Warzone Assault
Dispatch Warzone Assault
Array Warzone Assault

Team Arena – Play on the very best modes and maps Halo 5 has to offer.

Content: Breakout
Gambol Breakout
Trident Slayer
Coliseum Slayer
Eden Slayer
Plaza Slayer
Empire Slayer
The Rig CTF
Coliseum CTF
Truth CTF
Fathom Strongholds
The Rig Strongholds
Eden Strongholds


Slayer- Work with a team, vanquish your opponents.

Content: Slayer
Coliseum Slayer
Plaza Slayer
The Rig Slayer
Truth Slayer
Regret Slayer


Breakout – Halo 5’s premiere high lethality single-life elimination mode.

Content: Breakout
Gambol Breakout
Trident Breakout
Trench Breakout
Crossfire Breakout

Free-for-All – It’s you against everyone else. Slay your way to victory.

Content: FFA Slayer
Eden FFA Slayer
Regret FFA Slayer
The Rig FFA Slayer
Plaza FFA Slayer
Orion FFA Slayer


SWAT – No shields, no motion tracker. Aim for the head!

SWAT with Magnums is split into its own list. When asked if this meant that SWAT only featured the Battle Rifle and SWATnums only featured the Magnum, DelHoyo said, “No, we went with two variants here because we wanted to maintain the classic feeling of SWAT with the Battle Rifle version but we also wanted to give a place for players to practice their headshot skills with the Magnum as it’s the primary utility weapon that players spawn with in all modes across Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer.  That’s where SWATnums comes in.”

Content: SWAT
Regret SWAT
The Rig SWAT
Plaza SWAT
Orion SWAT

SWAT with Magnums SWATnums
Eden SWATnums
Regret SWATnums
The Rig SWATnums
Plaza SWATnums
Orion SWATnums

Weekend Social A weekly playlist that features a mode voted on by the community via Halo Waypoint/Channel. – Bonus XP/REQ points – Community engagement – Most popular modes have the potential for becoming their own playlist.

When DelHoyo was asked- So, does this mean we can expect old favorites such as Fiesta, Shotguns-n-Snipers, etc. to return in the Weekend Social playlist?

DelHoyo responded -“We’ll have a good assortment of modes that we’ll be bringing online. The Weekend Social playlist is going to be a great spot for us to engage the community and let them decide which modes get featured there. Some will be wacky just for the fun of it while others will be a bit more serious. We’re coming up with new ideas for modes every day. Once we feel like we have something cool, we’ll put it as one of the options for the community to vote on and the winner will get featured in the Weekend Social playlist.”

We at RectifyGaming are extremely excited to get knee deep into what is sure to become another cult classic into the ever expanding and evolving Halo franchise.

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