Halo 5: Guardians: ‘Pegasus’ and ‘Orion’ Forge maps revealed via IGN First

Posted on January 5, 2015 by Gregory Dawes

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Today, as part of IGN First, two new forge maps have been shown off for the first time. ‘Pegasus’ and ‘Orion’ are both forge maps created by 343, and we will have the ability to vote for which of the two maps we’d like to play in the beta starting tomorrow, January 6th. The poll can be accessed on HaloWaypoint.com or the Halo Channel. Not much is known about the forge canvas for this map, but the videos do show a glimpse of what forge pieces can be placed. Josh Holmes has also stated “We have made a number of improvements to usability as well as providing multiple palettes, terrain sheets, and lighting set-ups for Forgers to build with”. We also get a glimpse of the newly designed Rocket launcher being used, and although the design went through a drastic change, the rocket itself seems to function identically to it’s previous counterparts. Personally I think ‘Orion’ looks pretty awesome, so I’ll be voting for it. Check out the videos below and let us know which map you are going to vote for!


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