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Halo 5's Forge Update is Massive! New Details Announced

UPDATE: Halo 5’s forge update is now available on PC, almost 9 GB. Source: Reddit
Halo 5’s forge to begin with was a huge improvement comparing to the most previous version in Halo 4 and Halo Reach combined. This next update is massive, includes over 650 new objects and it comes with 2 brand new maps that will be fan favorites as they were top requests.
Tom French and Ske7ch of 343 industries made a walkthrough video of what will be coming to forge such as objects and new gametypes like Race, King Of The Hill, and Battle Golf a brand new mode coming to Halo.
To the fans that like to script in Halo 5’s forge they made some new changes for it:

  • Action Target – This poweful new system lets actions modify up to 64 other objects at once!! SIXTY-FOUR! Actions can be performed on other objects and even players and filters can be actioned on exaclty the object you want like team, spawn order, object variable, boundary contenst, and more. You can even select one or more nearest, furthest or random objects on the list. Action targets are availalbe in most original and new script actions and to retain backwards compatiblity with existing actions it will default to “THIS” object.
  • Multiple Actions – scripts can now have four actions per condition!
  • Script Options – For each script there are options that change their behavior.
  • Script Disabling – Forgers now have the abilty to disable scripting at three different levels: Map level, object level, and script level.
  • Enhanced Scripts – Enhancements made to previously existing script actions. For example, force “On/Off” for spawn, turn on/off the position of object(s) being reset, some animated objects such as variants of the pistons can be told to animate to a position, and now you can move one object to another.
  • New Conditions – Multiple new and necessary scripting conditions have been added such as triggering events off of score changes, triggering events at specific times in a round and, finally, checking when players or objects enter, exit, or remain inside the boundary on an object.
  • New Actions – Lots of new tools have been added for manipulating objects, scoring, and more.

Another really cool feature coming to Halo 5 in this update is the ability to make your own gametypes.
“It’s something we talked about wanting to do even before we shipped Forge last year because we wanted to create our own modes that wouldn’t necessarily fit into what Arena was doing. Through social media we’ve seen lots of people asking for ways to score so we felt we were on the right track. With Arena not having enough time to build everything the community wanted (which is everything) it worked out in our favor to leverage both teams to push Minigame even further than the Forge team could have done by itself. The idea really seemed to click with everyone and the teams were really motivated to keep building and refining the functionality.”
Some more changes/tweaks coming as well:

  • File Recovery – The “Recovery” feature from Halo 5: Forge PC has been brought into the Xbox One! This creates an auto-save of your map when disconnected from the server and, when starting a Forge session, you’ll be presented with an option to work on the most recent manually saved version or pick-up with the auto-saved server version.
  • Machinima Mode – This has now been enabled within Forge which should be great for taking those sexy screenshots of your level or prefabs without having to use a camera or go into Theater mode.
  • Material Overlays – Three different material overlays have been added to change the look of your objects: Shellac, Emissive, and Blend Control.
  • {RESET MAP STATE} Map Option – Restores object states, clears, variables, etc.
  • Custom GamesAdded new enchancements to the Custom Game settings such as “Spawn in Vehicle,” “All weapons in Loadouts,” “Max Players,” “Allow Observers,” “Privacy,” and “Minigame”  a simple mode for building your own custom game modes in.

You can read even more about this update here

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