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Halo API Announced

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Erik "SOVTH" Eggers

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343 industries has announced a public stats API that will allow developers in the Halo community to incorporate stats and data from Halo 5 into websites and apps. The API has been in private beta and is currently being testing by ESL, MLG, and Halo Tracker.


Stats that will be supported with the API:

  • Service Record (Life-to-date stats for each player)
  • Match History (Access to each match played)
  • Carnage Report (Complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match)

We should expect to see the API go public with the launch of Halo 5. As a developer, I know having tools that are open like this, allow a community to grow in a creative way. What are some websites, tools or apps that you would like to see made for Halo 5?

You can read more on the API over at Halo Waypoint.

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