Halo Championship Series Season 2 Details Announced

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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After a thrilling, intense, entertain full Season 1 343 Industries has revealed details for HCS Season 2. These announced details include Schedule of events, prizes, points, roster rules, and forge maps.

Schedule of Events

HCS Season 2 will include 3 LAN events one being in Atlanta presented by Iron Games which is free to get into. The others being in Indianapolis presented by PGL  and the other to be in California which is a finals event with a 150K Prize Pool presented by ESL.  All the rest are online tournaments. HCS Preseason begins April 5th. There will be 8 online cups with a $3,000 prize pool.







HCS Points




Roster Rules

  • Any team with a roster of 4 or 5 that loses a player or drops a player will not lose their points.
  • A player can only be added to a roster during a transfer period.
  • The amount of transfer periods has been increased from two to three.

Forge Maps and Gametypes

With HCS having a new season 343 is going to be adding some Forge maps into HCS and they are going to test out some new gametypes that they never used in HCS before. These are the candidates. These will be tested in the preseason.

ATHELONCTF, Netural Bomb, Ricochet



Oddball, Slayer, KotH



CTF, Ricochet, Neutral Bomb

ERUPT copy


CTF, Multi-Bomb Assault



CTF, Neutral Bomb, Ricochet



CTF, Slayer



Slayer, KotH, Odball

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