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Halo Infinite has seen a jump in players online on Steam

Posted on October 18, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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343 Industries released Season 5: Reckoning for Halo Infinite bringing arguably the most amount of content to the game since its release. Firefight: King Of The Hill comes to the game mid-season, and new forge features became available such as implementing AI to your maps and along with new canvases. The community must be pleased with the improvements to Halo Infinite because the game has seen a jump in players online on PC via Steam.

According to Steam Charts, Halo Infinite’s 24-hour peak since Season 5 went live was 18,003 players online with a consistent amount of players on throughout the day.

As for the player count on Xbox it remains unknown since Microsoft and 343 Industries do not share those numbers.

You can view these statistics on Steam Charts.

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