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Halo Infinite will stop doing seasons starting January 30 with Operations coming into its place

Posted on January 19, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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343 Industries recently held a community livestream playing Halo Infinite and sharing what’s to come in the near future for the game. The studio announced it will shift away from doing seasons starting January 30, 2024, where Operations will take its place and these updates will be referred to as “Content Update”. 

The next update for Halo Infinite will be called “Content Update 29” and will bring even more fun to the game. It will see a new Arena map, a Covenant object palette, new Forge features, a new armor core, and customization rewards. 

The first of three free Operations will be Halo Wars-themed named “Spirit of Fire”. This event will bring the Mark IV armor and it will be a completely free armor core for all players. The other Operations will be Cyber Showdown III and The Yappening II.

Here is everything coming to Halo Infinite on January 30 (Thanks Klobrille):

Helmets from the Halo TV Series (free weekly unlockables)

New multiplayer map 

Mark IV (Halo Wars, free armor core)

Cross-core shoulders 

Forge: Covenant themed objects 

Forge: more options and enhancements 

Classic MA5B Assault Rifle model skin 

New Operation: Spirit of Fire 

New Operation: Cyber Showdown III 

New Operation: The Yappening II 

Big Team Battle (12v12) refresh coming next month 

Quality-of-life updates and general improvements

What is also coming later this year for Halo Infinite is a Match Composer, Flood-themed objects, and Alien Fauna-themed objects for Forge. 343 Industries will also bring a Spartan Points-like system similar to Halo MCC to earn “legacy content”. 


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