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Master Chief’s classic armor will join Halo Infinite as a paid armor kit

Posted on October 18, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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343 Industries just released Season 5: Reckoning for Halo Infinite which includes Firefight: King Of The Hill, the ability to forge AI, new maps, and much more. One of the things in this update is the potential to unlock Master Chief’s armor from the campaign if you reach the Hero Rank which is the highest in the game.

There will be more iconic armor kits joining Halo Infinite and one of them is Spartan-117’s Combat Evolved’s Mjolnir Mark V armor where things got started. On November 14, 2023, players can find the classic armor kit from Halo: Combat Evolved in the shop during the Combined Arms Operation which goes live that day. It comes a day before Halo turns 22 years old.

The neat part with these armor kits is that you can customize them now so you can turn Mark V and Infinite Mark VI armor adding a coating, visor, emblem, and other customizations to make it more personable.

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