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Halo Infinite Will Include A No Expiring Battle Pass, Academy Mode and more

343 Industries first shared the Halo Infinite Free-To-Play Multiplayer experience via a trailer during the Xbox Bethesda E3 Showcase. The day after, they premiered a Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview ViDoc to give a deeper look at the popular arena shooter.

During this overview here were a few things confirmed:

  • No expiring Battle Pass
  • Cross-Progression & Play
  • Millions of combinations for armor customizations
  • New content, cosmetics, and gameplay every Season
  • Customization on Armor, Weapons, and Vehicles
  • No pay to win & No lootboxes
  • Vehicles being delivered by Pelicans
  • Halo 2 weapon pods
  • Razorback – vehicle that can carry additional weapons on its back

As far as the lootboxes that was confirmed to not happen in the past as well as the cross-progression and cross-play between PC and Xbox. One of the other neat features showcased was customizing your Spartan from any device via the Halo Waypoint website or mobile app.

Something else they showcased in this ViDoc was that you can have your own Personal AI and players can customize the appearance and personality to best suit their play style. Your personal AI will guide you within your matches such as a Capture The Flag match it will notify you that someone has the flag, etc just like you’ve seen in the past, but you can have different voices.

The Academy is something new to the Halo Multiplayer experience. You’ll be able to learn about weapons including the new ones that we haven’t seen in the Halo universe yet and you’ll be able to practice against bots before joining in the real fight online.

What are your thoughts on Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer this far?

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