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Halo Infinite’s Holiday Event Is Now Live

Posted on December 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Christmas season has arrived and many of your favorite games are likely hosting holiday events allowing you to acquire exclusive items. The Winter Contingency III Operation has arrived and it’s live from December 19 through January 30. This limited timed Operation allows you to level through 20 tiers of free holiday-themed customization rewards.

Winter Contingency III comes with two premium upgrade options:

500 credits instantly unlocks an exclusive bonus customization item, makes the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), and—when equipped—offers bonus XP and an extra Challenge slot during the Operation’s live window.

2,000 credits instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass at purchase and includes the exclusive bonus customization item.

If you decide to purchase either of these options you will unlock the exclusive Ice Fissure armor coating.

Of course, there will be new Shop items available in Halo Infinite and there are a lot of options for weapons and armor coatings:

Stocking Stuffer MK50 Sidekick, Slay Bells BR75, & Holiday Cheer M41 SPNKr weapon models

Santa’s Little Helper, Good Morning, Payment Due, & Krampus Coat weapon coatings

Yule Kick, Blood Jumper, & Hearth Fire armor coatings

Gifted Step mythic armor effect set

Winter Step & Winter Lights armor effects

Chill Out kill effect

Snowballer weapon charm

Kaleidobolt, Kaleidoshot, and Kaleidochip nameplate & emblems

It looks like Halo Infinite will have players busy for the holidays. You can see the full update details here.

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