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Posted on March 26, 2015 by Envi

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Halo Online has now been officially confirmed by 343 Industries, but why should you be excited? Have a look at our Halo Online analysis to cover all details released so far!

Halo Online is developed by Sabre Interactive, and Innova Systems, and will be in open beta over the coming months exclusive to PC. It will be a Free To Play title, and will feature microtransactions to upgrade weapons faster, and obtain abilities.  No campaign will ship with the game, hence the name “Halo Online”. The game will run on a highly modified Halo 3 Engine, to allow it to run on low-end PCs.

Here are the specs required, according to the Official Halo Online Twitter:

Windows 7/8

C2D E6600,


GeForce 9600GT

Halo Online will be set on a secret UNSC Space Installation called “Anvil”, and be a training and testing ground for Spartan IVs.

From the follows screenshots, taken from the Halo Online Announcement Trailer, we can find many aspects of the Halo Online gameplay experience and ecosystem.

Here we can see a screenshot of Guardian, a popular Halo 3 Map, however there are noticeable graphical improvements, and modifications. The MA5D AR Model in the image is similar to the version in Halo 2 Anniversary, and previously in Halo 4. Player models are also very close to the style of Halo 4.

This screenshot shows the warthog, and many members of red team. From this screenshot, there are little changes regarding the warthog, however a wider range of Halo Online armor is shown. From this we can see that armor is very close to that of Halo 4. Many armor variations are familiar to Halo veterans.

This image shows a bubble shield in action, very similar to the Halo 3 version. On the floor, inside the shield, a blue sphere is found, which could be identified as a Power Drain!

In this screen, we can see the Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle [Plasma Rifle] in use. One notable object in this, is the armor of the dying spartan. This armor does not look familiar to any previous Halo variants, and could potentially be a new addition to the series.

This image has revealed many features of Halo Online. This image showcases the Turf remake for Halo Online, which has excited many Halo 2 fans. Also included is a modified version of the M7/Caseless SMG. A optic has been attached to this variant, which shows the extent of Halo Online’s customization.

The medal that is in this screenshot also carries a more minimalistic, vector style. From the notification, the scoring will be affected by this, like Halo 4.

This screenshot confirms that air vehicles will also be in Halo Online! The Hornet is a beloved Halo vehicle, and the re-introduction of these suggest many maps will be at a larger scale.

The Assault Rifle here shows modification the the ironsights of the weapon. This could suggest possible ADS/Smartscope for Halo Online.

Once again, the Battle Rifle shows heavy modification, with a plain iron sight, and no scope like in previous games. This is most likely the BR85 model, which was seen in Halo 4.

One feature, noticeable on all game screenshots, is the mysterious bar at the bottom of the screen. There is currently no explanation regarding this feature.

Here we see the Mauler, from Halo 3 making a return.

We can also see that the spartan is red, most likely due to Promethean Vision. This could hint that we will see both Armor Abilities and Equipment?

From this screenshot, we can see multiple features regarding armor customization.

We can 3 potential ways of unlocking armor in Halo Online. If similar to the Windows “Spartan Assault” release, microtransactions will be implemented here.

  • XP:  Earn through progression, and completing games. [Not disposable]
  • Credits:   Earn through progression [Disposable]
  • Gold:  Can be purchased with real money  [Disposable]

We can also see that there will be multiple “armor sets”, which will allow players to have programmable sets of armor, for easy switching.

Also on the right sidebar, there is a leveling bar, which could indicate that armor can be leveled up, to be improved?

We can see that once armor is purchased, it can be equipped at any time.

And as assumed, a ranking system is visible on the top of the UI.

There also appears to be an embedded Messaging/Friends System.

There are many variations of classic Halo weapons in Halo Online. We can see that with the example of the assault rifle, there are many attachments  on different versions of weapon.  The above MA5D AR houses a suppressor, which is new to the Halo series.

The ROF AR has a improved rate of fire and uses an iron sight.

The MAG AR, has an extended clip, to increase clip size.

The DMG AR has improved damage per shot.

The SNP AR has a heavy barrel and scope to improve accuracy.

These changes can be seen over all weapons in Halo Online, and most also have aesthetic changes.

Halo Online Closed Beta will be releasing on PC this spring exclusively in Russia for now. For more information regarding Halo Online, stay tuned!

EDIT: After looking at leaked builds of the game, it appears that the bar on the left indicates the amount of sprint left at the current point in time.

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Thanks to BBKDRAGOON for helping me with the images for this article!


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