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Halo: Reach Coming To MCC & PC On December 3rd

Posted on November 14, 2019 by Gregory Dawes

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At today’s X019 event, it was announced that the long awaited Halo: Reach addition to Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be happening on December 3rd. Not only will it be joining the MCC on Xbox One, but it will also debut as the first title for the collection on PC. Over the coming year, the rest of the MCC will be added on a game to game basis ending with Halo 4 sometime in 2020. Pricing for MCC on Windows 10 and Steam is set to be $39.99 for the complete package, while Reach on it’s own will cost you $9.99. In addition, MCC will be available as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC, allowing you to play for no extra charge.

Halo: Reach was Bungie’s final game in the franchise released in 2010 before they moved on to work on Destiny. It tells the story of Noble Team and the sacrifices they made during the fall of the planet of Reach in their pursuit to try and hold off the Covenant for as long as possible and deliver a package that is of utmost importance for the survival of the human race. In addition to the campaign, Reach was known for it’s robust Multiplayer, Firefight, and Forge offerings, all of which will be included and running at up to 4K resolution on Xbox One X and PC.

Are you excited to finally get some more Halo content on PC?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is currently available on Xbox One and is also included with Xbox Game Pass.

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