Halo Television Series Showrunner Responds To Recent Report As Readers Take His Statement Out Of Context

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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As many can gather from the headlines this past weekend, Showtime’s Halo Television Series is now streaming the first episode over on Paramount+. More excitingly is that the new TV show can be watched for free if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. Visiting the perks sections of the service will reveal a 30-day trial for the service is ready to redeem!

Additionally, more excitement is already propped for the game as Paramount previously confirmed that a second season has already been greenlit for the television series ahead of the airing for the inaugural release. More interesting is what Showtime confirmed elsewhere. Unlike in the games, the studio shared that Master Chief himself will remove his helmet somewhere in the series which left fans concerned with the show.

Ultimately the show’s debut left reception as a mixed bag with fans supporting the Silver Timeline whilst other demanded a 1:1 adaptation of the first game. Ahead of this Thursday’s airing, Variety did a story speaking with Halo Television Show showrunner Steven Kane where he stated that Showtime did not use the game for the basis of the Silver Timeline.

However, Kane went on to respond that the statement has been taken out of context by answering to the headline on Twitter clarifying that him and his team visited 343 Industries religiously to craft together the storyline.

[SPOILERS] If you missed Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘Contact’, skip ahead. Other mixed feelings from the first airing were the decision to unmask Spartan-117. In responding to one fan on the matter, Halo Infinite Head of Creative Joe Staten responded that the decision is one he viewed to be necessary for the show whilst still satisfying what the series’ protagonist meant to him.

“I felt that moment was great. Because everyone’s Master Chief is different.  That’s the show’s Chief. My Chief is unique,” Staten explained. “He’s me, when I play.  That’s what makes Master Chief great. He’s not one person. He’s a hero for all of us, but he’s different for every one of us.” While taboo to fans of the game, it is evident in the written literature for Halo canon that Master Chief takes his iconic Mark IV helmet off.

Similarly, Kane also gave a similar depiction when speaking to Variety then. “He’s everybody, right? He’s you, he’s me, he’s a 6-year-old girl, he’s a 15-year-old person in a different country. Whoever plays the game is him.” Do you agree with Kane’s choices for the Halo Television Series so far?

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