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Hearthstone Unveils its Newest Expansion: Rastakhan’s Rumble

Blizzcon opened with a bang for fans as various game characters and updates were announced, including the latest addition to the Hearthstone universe – Rastakhan’s Rumble, an gladiator arena filled with all sorts of mayhem.

Blizzard announced 4 cards to the expansion already, and also revealed a new keyword, Overkill, where cards with this keyword trigger additional effects when they kill a minion by doing damage that exceeds the minion’s health. This makes for strong offensive pushes especially against taunts. Spirits are new strong minions that can turn the tide of battle, all of which have stealth upon their initial turn of play, such as the Rogue class card, Spirit of the Shark, seen below.

The expansion is set to release December 4th, with 135 new cards. Rumble Run Single Player Mode likely comes out two weeks after (December 18th) The revealed cards have players excited for the update, and should introduce a ton of creative potential to the competitive format.

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