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Hearthstone’s Balance Patch destroys Giggling Inventor, Standard Druid Untouched

Hearthstone revealed its upcoming balance patch for October 18th, showing nerfs to Giggling Inventor, Mana Wyrm, and Aviana. While these changes were necessary, a lot of strong cards, specifically Druid class cards such as Ultimate Infestation, Wild Growth, Spreading Plague, and Branching Paths remained untouched. So while Druid is affected by the Aviana nerf in Wild, it is generally the same as the most played class in standard, which has been upsetting fans across Twitter and Facebook. Blizzard recently came out saying that they liked the state of the meta and that Inventor wouldn’t receive a nerf, but it was revealed today that they went back on their previous sentiments.

Change: 6 mana -> 7 manaChange: 1 mana -> 2 manaChange: 9 mana -> 10 mana

While Mana Wyrm posed a large threat in Tempo Mage, it begs the question as to why this card took so long to get nerfed. Was Tempo Mage really the deck creating the most lopsided plays on ladder? A lot of players, myself included, have stated that instead of increasing the cards mana cost, reducing its health to 2 would make it easier to remove while also giving it strong usage with early spells. Aviana Kun combos destroyed decks in Wild, so her change was understandable, but why focus on a Wild card when numerous standard Druid cards are extremely popular and also displaying strong results?

The destruction of Giggling Inventor now removes the play of Blood Knight and Mossy Horror, so it does raise questions as to how the meta will shift, perhaps in a much more aggressive direction. Needless to say that for 7 mana, Inventor will no longer see play, so decks such as Quest Rogue, Token Druid, and Midrange Shaman will be taking big hits. With that being said, decks such as Zoolock and Odd Paladin will be seeing more play in the near future.


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Writer, Caster, Editor, Competitor. Diamond Overwatch Flex. Hearthstone Legend.