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Here Are All The New Additions Coming To Devil May Cry 3 On Nintendo Switch

The upcoming release for Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch have turned on all cylinders coming from the previous announcement that publisher Capcom made last month disclosing that three new features will be coming to the port which will be disclosed at separate segments leading up to the game’s release. So here’s everything that Capcom has revealed since January.

Each reveal hosted on twitter by Capcom Producer Matt Walker, he discusses the new Switch-exclusive feature and goes into further detail on the mechanics to perfect how you play Devil May Cry 3.

In mid-January, Walker announced that the first feature to be added is a new Freestyle Mode. What this mode will do is allow players to change their fighting style with the ease of a button press. Divided between the four studs on the left Joy Con, you can choose to swap your style between Gunslinger, Royalguard, Swordsman, and Trickster. For the additional styles of Doppleganger and Quicksilver, you simply tap either the left or right button on the controller.

At the end of January, Walker returned with the next feature, Weapon Switching. Instead of being bound to the Divinity Stone, alike with styles previously, players can now seamlessly choose between both melee and ranged weapons by tapping the bumpers on both Joy Cons. One niché element of the feature is that if you hold the respected bumper on the Joy Con while moving the paired control stick will open a selection wheel to offer more precise weapon picking.

Leading to today, Walker is back on more time to announce that Bloody Palace will be returning, and this time with local co-op to play as Dante & Virgil. After completing the introductory mission of the base game, Bloody Palace will be available with a cooperative option to select before playing.

Players will have the opportunity to play either with a single Joy Con, a pair of Joy Cons, or even use the Pro Controller, Walker shares. Even more, the feature will also be provided with unique control scheme prompts for both players and will pull up different player progression for the respected character as well. And this wraps up all three new features coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Devil May Cry 3.

A funny little detail that Walker shared comes from a ResetEra post predicting that Capcom might be adding the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda to the port ahead of the debut for the three features. Walker tells to have “really wished we did that,” after the fact that the three new additions have been decided for the game.

What are you most excited for abot Devil May Cry 3 coming to the Nintendo eShop?

Devil May Cry 3 will be arriving to Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020.

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