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Here’s A Rundown Of The New Additions Coming To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare For Season 3 Today

Posted on April 8, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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In an abrupt announcement last week, Activision revealed the promotional image for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s third content season, shading the update to arrive in just less than a week. Reflecting on how the produced add-ons were distributed through new content and familiar properties, it was expected we would be sampling some aspects from Modern Warfare 3 in the latest entry for the franchise. And it looks that is the case to some extent.

Season 3 also is the first time that Modern Warfare’s Warzone will also be included so fans who do not directly own the base game can still enjoy new additions. First, players who have been busy in dropping Verdansk can indulge in the newly added Quads which allows up to 4-player groups fight their way through the 150 players that drop into the battle royale alongside Plunder.

Players can also expect the game type to receive the addition a new game mode as well: Scopes and Scatter Guns. What you can dissect from the titling implies that players can initiate entire matches solely with only sniper rifles & shotguns to restructure the current formula of the game. Operators Ronin and Iskra can be expected to play as well.

Moving onto multiplayer, three maps will release initially with a fourth additions slated for the latter of the season. Introducing Talsik Backlot which is a reimagining of Call of Duty 4’s same-named setting, Havec Sawmill which holds some similarity to January’s Shoot House honing three-lane structure, and Aniyah Incursion which is an “enclosed version” of the pre-existing Ground War map.

The final map happens to be Modern Warfare 3’s Hardhat, which alike the previous returns, is expected to be a full-on modernization of the notorious landscape and perhaps some new additions as well. Story campaign protagonist Alex will be joining the multiplayer as an Operator and is said to also be an addition as well to Warzone during the second half of Season 3. Gunfight also has a forecast for one new map, Aisle 9.

Just like every season, the newest weapons coming to the arsenal is the SKS rifle and Renetti handgun. Game modes are expected to receive new additions like Reinfected Ground War and Gun Game Reloaded. Infinity Ward also tells of playlist additions including the already listed and Demolition as well.

Are you excited for yet another content-filled season of Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Activision

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