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High On Life features an Applebee’s restaurant in the game

Posted on December 15, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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High On Life has been the talk of the week as the game just launched on Tuesday, December 13. The game features a ton of great comedy and fans of the game have found an Applebee’s in High On Life. 

It’s known as “Space Applebee’s” with the logo slightly looking different with a ring around the apple and of course adding Space to the start of the name which makes sense for the games setting.

Here is what people are saying about it on Twitter:

Experience Space Applebee’s in High On Life right now as the game is available for Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or you can buy it for $59.99 for PC and Xbox Series XlS. 

High On Life has gotten mixed reviews it seems from many critics, but it seems many fans are enjoying the game at the same time. 

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