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Hints That Destiny Will Massively Expand On Story As John Ryan Moves To Bungie:

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Envi

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Today we have discovered that a lead story writer from ArenaNet, is moving to Bungie as an editor and writer. John Ryan, who worked on large titles, such as the Guild Wars franchise confirmed on Twitter that he was leaving to join Bungie, and help develop story for the company. This doesn’t confirm that he is working on the Destiny franchise, however is likely that he will be working on their only large IP. Destiny’s story was massively cut due to the departure of Joseph Staten in 2013, and a new lead writer, would mean that a large amount of fiction can finally be built upon.

The announcement of this means a lot for Destiny fans, and increases the chance of the development of lore massively, not only for future expansions, but Destiny 2. This could lead into the Destiny “Comet” Release, which is a massive content update releasing in Fall 2015. The way Destiny is currently structured would not allow for massive changes to how story is delivered, however Destiny 2 will likely have a developed plot, not only after criticism at launch, but now after the new addition to the Bungie team.

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