Hitman 3 February Content Roadmap Reveals New Contracts And Missions

Posted on February 7, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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At the beginning of January, developer IO Interactive finally shipped the last entry in its Assassination Trilogy, Hitman 3. And while the game sits to be the best fitting release for the entirety of the franchise, this certainly is not the end for Agent 47. When speaking to The Gamer recently, the developer disclosed there is a likeliness of a return for Hitman later on, of course.

However, the team while optimistic to bring more Hitman games later on is now tending to its efforts in delivering post-launch DLC for the title. Then, it was not understood how content will be issued since the game is still settling onto the market. But now in a new content roadmap trailer uploaded this past Thursday, fans can now be well-acquainted on what is coming next/

You can watch the February content roadmap trailer in the video below:

For owners of the Deluxe Edition for Hitman 3, players can find both ‘The Guachito Antiquity’ and ‘The Proloff Parable’ on February 23. As for now, all owners can take on ‘The Baskerville Barney’ contract and later with ‘The Sinbad Stringent’ on February 18 followed by ‘The Deceivers’ from February 26 to March 8. Also, IO Interactive partnered with MinnMax & KindaFunny to orchestrate their own unique contracts as well.

Additionally, there will also be a client registered for Hitman 3 in the coming weeks to resolve some of the current issues on the base surface. “We’re planning a patch in a few weeks that will bring fixes and tweaks to the game.” The developer continues, “we’ll give you a full rundown of what’s included and what’s changing closer to that time.”

For now, we suggest you read our review for Hitman 3 if you have not already. “Hitman 3 is both the best entry point in the series, while also being the climactic and exciting end of a great legacy for long time veteran players,” writes Rectify Gaming’s David Rodriguez. You can read the full review by heading here.

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Hitman 3 is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: IO Interactive

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