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'Hogan' title by 343 Industries appears on Xbox Store.

Reddit user, Arbiter19963 has posted this interesting picture from the Xbox One store. As we all know Halo Wars 2 is due to launch this year which is a real-time-strategy game. Now I have no clue if this is photoshopped but this picture shows that this so called game by 343 is ‘Hogan’. On the first image  it looks like he found this while viewing someone’s profile on Xbox One and it could possibly be someone who is developing Halo Wars 2.
The 2nd image shows it on the Xbox One store and it shows the file size of 18.11 GB another thing is that the release date from what i see says October 1st, 2015, I am not entirely sure if it’s a 6 or a 5. On the bottom it shows the developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft and the genre is listed as strategy & simulation which is Halo Wars.
On these pictures it says ‘This is a placeholder’.

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