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Holiday 2016 update to Final Fantasy XV has free DLC and a New Game Plus mode

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV since launch, you may have already completed the story and have just been levelling up your merry band of boys. If that sounds like you and you’re itching to play some more story, Square Enix has something special planned for December 22nd.
Square Enix’s so-called “Holiday Pack+” will be available for Season Pass owners, but a free version will also be available to all players. As it’s translated from Japanese, the English names have yet to be announced, but the Holiday Pack (free version) will include a “Level Stopper, triumph of extermination, moguchoco t-shirt (Noctis Exclusive),” and “time-limited Carnival ticket”.
The moguchoco t-shirt for the prince will be available in an update in late January and will include a set of t-shirts and hats. The carnival ticket is also set to launch in late January.
The paid or Season Pass Holiday Pack+ incudes everything from the free version, as well as the “Amulet rings, command booster (Noctis exclusive), phantom Buster (Noctis exclusive), triumph of warfare technology, key of luck, stamina anchor (Noctis exclusive), Carnival style (Noctis exclusive),” and “Photo Frame (Limited edition holiday pack)”. clarified some of the item names, specifically the Protection Ring, Instant Kill victory song, Battle Skill victory song, Key of Fortune, and the Annihilation victory song.
Regardless of whether you sunk money into the Season Pass yet or not, you’ll be getting some fun new stuff to play with in the latest Final Fantasy title on December 22, so check your system when the day rolls around.

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