Horizon Zero Dawn Seemingly Confirmed For PC, Other PlayStation Titles to Follow Suit

Posted on January 17, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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The PlayStation lineup of exclusive titles are precedent to be definitive experiences for owners of the respected hardware to purchase the new batch of software or to be utilized as a selling point for individuals who might need some convincing to commit towards a new console. However, with this new turn leading into now the fifth generation of PlayStation consoles, Sony is looking to expand onwards to the PC ecosystem.

Originally, this practice initiated from last year’s minor acquisition of Quantic Dream made by NetEase, enabling three PlayStation exclusive titles to now arrive on PC. Then soon after with Death Stranding which was rumored prior to its launch to receive a port for keyboard & mouse players until properly confirmed a week before releasing on PC. Follow suit for MLB The Show as Sony alongside the Major League Baseball Players Association extended their contract whilst announcing that the once unique series to PlayStation will now be arriving to other platforms including PC after this year’s installment.

Adding on to the forming pattern, Kotaku now reports from sources who told the outlet that Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn will be arriving to PC in the coming future. According to three anonymous sources who are familiar with Sony Interactive Entertainment scheme of thinking, the game is planned to arrive later in 2020.

Surprisingly, this is now the second time that a newer iteration of the 2017 title have surfaced for the PC platform. In a previous claim made by Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov, he makes a similar statement suggesting that Horizon Zero Dawn will be arriving in the following year. In fact, Logvinov tells that the title is set to arrive in February.

But now it looks that more is also settled to arrive to the PC landscape from PlayStation’s side of the border according to a separate source elsewhere. Digital Foundry’s Tom Phillip’s tells that Media Molecule’s Dreams is also planned to hit PC through a subliminal tweet.

Adding on from Phillip’s statement, it is appreciated seeing that Sony is taking the same route Microsoft has established this past generation with a handful of first-party titles also launch on PC. While Sony still has more to dispense for this segment of the industry, it will be ainteresting to see what title will be next to arrive on PC.

Are you planning on picking up Horizon Zero Dawn on PC?

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available for PlayStation 4.

Source: Kotaku

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