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How CS:GO Became One of the Biggest Global Esports

Posted on October 27, 2022 by Guest Post

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If you’re a fan of esports betting, then you’re probably already familiar with the phenomenon that is Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Released in August 2012, this esports title has become hugely popular over the past decade, and has revolutionised the world of esports, proving to be a much bigger hit than its original. Lauded by critics and gamers alike, CS:GO has scooped accolades such as The Game Award For Best eSports Game, for which it has also been nominated.

Adrenaline-pumping action

Perhaps the main reasons for CS:GO’s success – not just as a game, but as an eSport – lies in its thrilling play, which sees gamers getting to vie against each other as either terrorists or counter-terrorists. Working in teams, they must achieve a series of tasks – or objectives – while simultaneously trying to defeat their enemies.

Each competitive game features a total of 30 rounds, which usually last just under two minutes. The first team to win 16 rounds will win the game, and the team that manages to claim victory in two out of three (or three out of five) games will be declared the ultimate winners.

At the beginning of every round, the teams get to acquire equipment and various weapons to help them in their objectives, which can include planting and defusing bombs – and, of course, killing their opponents.

An eSports tournament staple

Each year, a range of eSports tournaments are held in various locations throughout the world – from Sweden to Canada. While some of these events may be held online, streamed by the likes of YouTube and Twitch, others are held in large purpose-built eSports stadiums, where fans can come and watch their favourite CS:GO teams compete for supremacy.

Some of the most famous and skilled CS:GO players include the likes of Marcelo David, Emil Reif, and Peter Rasmussen, who has amassed approximately US$2 million from playing this videogame at a professional level.

Is CS:GO likely to lose its popularity?

While CS:GO has undoubtedly risen to the heights of popularity in the eSports industry, in recent years other games have emerged that have lured many of its fans away in new directions.

These games include titles such as Fortnite, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Perhaps most notable of all is Valorant, which was released by Riot Games and has generated real buzz in the eSports world.

However, while these games may have muscled in on CS:GO’s fan base, there seems no denying that this game is here to stay and will continue to remain something of a cult classic. For one thing, it has generated a widespread community of fans that share a genuine sense of camaraderie and passion for the game, and enjoy swapping stories about sniper attacks and tense bomb de-fusions.

At the same time, CS:GO’s impressive features – since copied by many other games – such as the ability to respawn, and the realistic recoil when players fire their weapons, have helped to cement it as one of the most influential and immersive multiplayer experiences.

With such a legacy to rest on, and such a dedicated fanbase, it seems highly possible that CS:GO will continue to dominate the eSports landscape for years to come.

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