How to Become a Gaming Streamer

Posted on February 10, 2019 by Ahmed Riaz

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So, you’ve decided to become a gaming streamer? Great. This guide is here to help you.

There’s no better feeling than sitting in front of your PC or console and streaming content for other people to watch. Whether you have 10 or 1000 viewers, it’s incredibly fulfilling, especially when people find your content entertaining.

When you take a look at platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, gamers are everywhere. From Fortnite to Minecraft, almost every game imaginable is getting streamed. In fact, as you’re reading this guide, hundreds of thousands of people are watching streams on Twitch. And here’s a fun fact: twitch users consume 71 million hours of content daily. If that doesn’t blow your mind, nothing ever will!

With that said, it’s time to start this guide. It will help turn you from a beginner to a pro gaming streamer without any complicated steps. Sound good? Let’s begin.

Customize Your Equipment

The most popular gaming streamers play on either Nintendo Switch, console (PlayStation, XBOX), or PC. Whichever platform you choose, it’s essential that you customize your equipment.

For example, if you use a Nintendo Switch, you should get one of these Lizard Skins Nintendo switch controller grips.

Also, it’s recommended that you get a protective case so that you can store your Nintendo Switch inside whenever you’re not gaming or streaming.

If you’re streaming on PC or console, a good headset will change your life for the better. The audio will be better for you, and viewers will be able to hear your microphone more clearly. Remember, you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to choosing a headset, as there are tons of reliable budget brands out there (such as Turtle Beach).

Create a Good Setup

The setup you play in will make or break the experience when you’re streaming content.

Ideally, your setup should include a comfortable gaming chair, a spacious desk, and customizable lighting. Plus, the background should be colorful (if not, you can use a greenscreen to change the background). This will help to keep viewers engaged when they’re watching you play games.

If your setup is lazy and poorly organized, it will affect the way you play and leave a negative impression on viewers.

Choose a Streaming Platform

When it comes to streaming video games, you need to choose a platform.

The best action you can take is to choose a mainstream and already established platform. Ideally, this should be YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming.

Through software tools, it’s also possible to stream across various platforms at the same time.

Focus on your Internet Connection

When streaming, your internet connection is naturally under more pressure.

The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to stream video games without good internet. If your internet is bad, it won’t be able to handle the bandwidth.

So, the solution is simple: find a good internet provider.

Also, make sure to use a wired connection for both your console or PC. A wired connection is superior to wireless and is much less likely to encounter lag or connection dropouts.

When streaming, it’s recommended that you disconnect inactive devices – such as smartphones and tablets – from your internet network. This will allow you to stream more smoothly as your internet can delegate more data packages to your console and streaming device (such as your laptop).

Interact with Your Viewers

Whether you have a couple of viewers or thousands of viewers, interaction is key.

If you sit in silence while streaming, people will switch off quickly: fact.

Therefore, make sure to engage with the comments. For example, people might ask you questions about your gameplay or provide general comments for you to bounce off.

Whatever happens, never ignore comments – people want interaction. Ninja (a popular Fortnite streamer) is a great example of this. Every time he streams, he talks to his viewers. This is even though he has millions of subscribers and doesn’t necessarily need to do this. However, his commitment to the fans shines through and highlights the fact that he cares about their engagement!

The truth is, you will struggle to find a successful streamer on Twitch or YouTube who doesn’t interact with their audience.

Stream Popular Games

If you care about viewership numbers, you should prioritize streaming popular games. Here are some examples:

  • Fortnite
  • FIFA
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • League of Legends

All of these games are popular on YouTube and Twitch, which means you have a huge pool of potential viewers to tap into.

Invest in Editing Software (or Hire an Editor)

After you’ve done streaming content, you’ll most likely want to edit the content and then post it to YouTube. If this is the case, you’re going to need editing software. This will enable you to add effects to your content and improve its overall quality.

However, if you have no experience in the world of editing, then you might have to hire an editor to handle your content for you. This will involve you sending them your raw content and instructing them what to do.

If you can’t afford an editor or editing software, then you will have to rely on raw content. Also, you can use free editing software (which you can find online) to do basic tasks such as adding a watermark to the bottom corner.

Lastly, Hire Moderators

When your channel starts to get popular, you might notice that the stream chat starts to get a little volatile from time to time. For example, people might start to argue with each other or post abusive comments. If this happens to you, don’t worry – it’s the reality of streaming video games.

Luckily, there’s a solution: hire moderators. Usually, moderators are loyal subscribers who you trust to moderate the chat, such as banning people who post abusive comments. While streaming games, you won’t have time to moderate the chat yourself, which is why moderators are important to any streaming channel.

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