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How To Disassemble Structures in Palworld

Posted on January 25, 2024 by Victor Tan

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When you build a structure in the wrong place or plan to move your base, it’s expensive to make a second copy. But if you disassemble structures, you get all of your materials back and you clear a structure without destroying it. Disassembling isn’t something you learn in the beginning, which is frustrating when you are working through the tutorial and learning how to build. Once you know how to disassemble structures in Palworld, you conserve resources and easily shift your base wherever you want.

Start Disassembling Structures

Return to your base or wherever you left a structure. Access the Build Menu and aim your central cursor on the structure that you want to disassemble. You get the option to see what you get back and a chance to back out in case you change your mind. Once you accept the disassembly, it happens instantly and the resources fall to the floor. If you have enough room in your inventory, some resources will transfer over.

You barely lose any resources while disassembling, allowing you to take back mistakes made in case you build something wrong. This also helps when moving your base because it doesn’t penalize you for changing locations. There is no option to disassemble multiple structures at a time but it shouldn’t be difficult to convert several buildings into resources.

You can build multiple bases, preventing you from constantly disassembling your base if you find a better location. However, the option to disassemble structures in Palworld is useful if mistakes are made or you want to transfer structures between bases. This also helps you get a feel for creating bases, especially when you don’t have to stick to the tutorial’s instructions.

Feel free to disassemble structures in Palworld when you feel like you can create specialized bases or if something doesn’t fit your design. While resources do respawn, it is frustrating to harvest everything a second time. Use disassembly to conserve your efforts and make sure that your bases have the correct structures to achieve your goals.

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