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How To: Take Away Attention Real Issues The Xbox Series X Has

Just close to a month ago now, it was reported from GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb that the thermal detections and heat funneling for the Xbox Series X is met the expectations of what Microsoft has promised leading to the release of the next-generation console. With the vents at both the top and the back of the device, the unit can run virtually in silence while the system pushes out 45°C – 48°C of heat averagely.

However, now that the console is now commercially available, if you are capable to get one, users online are finding that the next-generation console is running into problems smoking uncontrollably. But despite the clouds being vented out, there is no fire to follow entailed from the intensity of the smoke. That is because the video are completely false, doctored to pump out the amount of smoke.

In a video tweeted by @XboxStudio, the user does a step-by-step on how to make the image. It is revealed you can use water vapor from a coil-pack mod (with your flavor of choosing) and can plow the smoke directly in the back vent where the console will forward it all to exit in the top vents.

However, despite footage illustrating how anyone can create the scene at home, many media outlets and social media pages pushed the information as legitimate. Many not clarifying the video being water vapor and is genuinely an electrical malfunction causing the amount of smoke being ejected from the console’s venting. Microsoft even tweeted not to blow the vapor into the console. Unfortunately, this draws attention away from real issues that handfuls of console owners are facing.

One of the biggest complaints for a selection of Xbox Series X purchasers is the disc drive. Users online are posting video of the disc drive rotating the disc incessantly drowning the video with noise. There are even some videos that can be found revealing the console outright rejecting discs from being inserted into the device completely. You can watch that in the video below:

YouTuber Dante Lee who uploaded the video did find a remedy to resolve the issue by forcing a disc in. However, the user clarifies that it would be best to use a blank CD or disc that is of no value to you before trying to perform the action.

Other scenarios, while not completely deal breaking for the Xbox Series X, have been announced as bunk elsewhere. That being the heat exiting through the top vent can levitate ping pong balls. But alike the smoke being produced from the console, it is not true either. In a tweet from Guinness Book of World Record holder for Xbox Gamerscore Ray Cox, he shows that he could not mirror the image with a piece of paper or a feather.

Ultimately, it is unfortunate that information continues to spread falsely for the Xbox Series X as some users are facing problems that are concerning for those who paid the $500 already. For any issues that might concern those, you can visit the Xbox Support website to find solutions to any problems if appearing.

What are your thoughts on the videos of Xbox Series X spewing smoke out of its vents?

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