Huge Scalebound news out of PAX features flyable dragon battles, 4 player co-op and more

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Today at PAX Prime we got some huge news revealed behind closed with new, never before seen gameplay footage. The game’s creator Hideki Kamiya showed off some new features that haven’t been revealed as of yet.

First off, there was the announcement of a 4 player co-op feature in the game’s story campaign. While in co-op, you will also have the ability to fly your own dragon and fight in the air! All four players will go hands, or should we saw scales, on with the enemy. Strategy will be key here as you will be able to jump on and off your dragon during the fight. Coordinating with your teammates will be essential so you know who is flying and who’s on the ground. In addition, your dragon companion Thuban will be able to have multiple different skins applied that will alter your abilities such as being able to have different types of dragon breath. Unfortunately, the amount of dragon breath types and their descriptions weren’t mentioned. As far as flying though, get ready to strap in because your winged companions will be ripping through the air at a speed of 200 km/hour.

In addition, the 4 player co-op will have all eight characters on screen at once while also battling enemies so it’s going to be packed with action! As far as human characters go, the panel promised a wide range of playable and upgradable characters. The only weapon mentioned during the discussion were the swords and that each one will have many different upgrade options and attachments which provide various features. Others, such as the bow and arrow, were not discussed.

Scalebound will also feature floating islands with other enemies and battles that will only be accessible while flying your dragon. One thing that was not clarified was although there will be different human characters, is if there will be dragons other than Thuban that you will be able to control. In other words, in the 4 player co-op does each person use their own Thuban similar to a Halo style co-op where they all use the same player or are there different dragons that are going to be in the game? The panel did not disclose this information.

As far as solo campaign play goes, you will also be able to fly on your dragon at will in order to gain an advantage on your opponents and enemies. The gameplay was unfortunately not made public and only shown behind closed doors with the above information but we’ll be getting our hands on it soon according to our source who attended the panel.

Also, just to clarify, no mention of any online component was mentioned during the panel.

Scalebound is due for release during Holiday 2016 exclusively on Xbox One

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