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HUNT the TRUTH Season 2 Begins September 22nd

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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After a having a huge success with HUNT the TRUTH in the Spring, 343 industries announced in July that Season 2 would be coming out this fall. Well “this fall” is right here! Tomorrow, September 22nd HUNT the TRUTH Season 2 begins. Season 2 will have a brand new narrator, cast and longer episodes according to TIME.

Here is a brief Synopsis of what we will expect from Hunt the TRUTH Season 2:

That would be FERO, played by Gavankar, the inscrutable rebel leader who saved Ben’s bacon last time around. By the way, not Ben’s war journalist compadre Petra (voiced by Cobie Smulders), as season one’s finale maybe had you, like me, thinking. At this point, glancing at season two’s mostly new cast list (which includes series newcomers Tamara Taylor, Mark Hamill, Vanessa Marshall, Alan Tudyk, Rosa Salazar, Bruce Thomas, Peter Serafinowicz and William Salyers), Petra is missing in action. There’s a perfectly good reason for this, Eichen tells me: He didn’t want another season of “journalist tells a story.”

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