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ICE-T will join PAYDAY 3 as a brand-new NPC

Posted on August 22, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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PAYDAY 3 made an appearance at Gamescom Opening Night Live revealing the 99 Boxes Heist where it’ll feature four-player co-operative gameplay. The new heist was introduced by Rapper and Actor, ICE-T who will actually be joining the game as a brand-new NPC in the PAYDAY universe.

ICE-T plays the character Mac, a quest giver who provides new missions to players.

Here’s more information regarding the new 99 Boxes heist coming to PAYDAY 3:

The “99 Boxes” heist in PAYDAY 3 can be approached in two ways: by sneaking into the warehouse avoiding guards, cameras, and workers with a stealth approach or go by going loud, guns blazing, which usually ends up in explosive shootouts with the police and SWAT teams calling in helicopter support. Whichever way players go, the goal is to team up and come out with the ultimate PAYDAY.

Watch the PAYDAY 3 Gamescom Trailer that features ICE-T narrating below:

PAYDAY 3 releases September 21, 2023 on Xbox Series XlS, PlayStation 5, Xbox Game Pass, PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now.

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