Id Sofwatre’s Tim Willits Announces Departure From Studio After 24 Years

Posted on July 20, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Id Software’s Tim Willits has announced this week that he will be stepping down from his role as Studio Director for the Texas-based developer after being part of the studio for over 24 years. Willits joined the developer after impressing the team behind Doom including John Romero with his own custom levels for the game in 1995 and have worked on titles following his recruitment like Strife and the Quake series.

In a post a Twitter, Willits shares that he will be leaving the developer following this year’s Quake Con later this month.

Though Willits will be leaving whilst games he have been working on are still in development, he reassures users that the projects “are in very good hands,” Willits states in the Twitter thread. “My departure will not affect any planned releases.” He shares that he will reveal what he has planned next for himself following the event next week.

For a fun fact about Tim Willits; since the debut of Quake Con going back 23 years ago in 1996, Willits has been the only member of id Software to attend every three-day event.

Earlier this year, Rectify Gaming gave a review on the latest title released under Willits as id Software’s acting Studio Director. You can read our review for Rage 2 by going here.

Id Software nor ZeniMax Media have yet to disclose who will be taking Willits position following him leaving the developer.


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