IHOP will have a collaboration with Sonic coming soon

Posted on March 25, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Sega is all in on promoting its IP this year and they will be collaborating with IHOP for a Sonic promotion that will bring dishes related to the series like Dr. Eggman’s Benedict. The promotion with IHOP will also come with rewards when you collect PanCoins.

An image leaked online of what the IHOP Sonic promotion menu will look like and it features the Tails 2x2x2, Sonic’s Blue Blur Special, Knuckles Chicken Sandwich, Shadow’s Chao Chocolate Pancakes, and more.

This image comes from a Reddit user Dat_Deafulty_Boi where he shares a copy of the Sonic promotion at IHOP.

A lot of news related to Sonic has been going around and most recently a gameplay trailer leaked for Sonic Toys Party which is Sega’s version of Fall Guys for mobile devices.

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