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Indie Megabooth Announces Hiatus For Future Events As COVID-19 Outbreak Tensions Continue

Posted on April 17, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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For those who attend the annually-hosted video game events across the United States like Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) or Game Developers Conference (GDC), you should be familiar with the Indie Megabooth. The group focuses on independent developers and showcases upcoming work from teams across the globe. But alas, the organization has announced recently that it will be taking a break from participating in scheduled shows due to the impact from COVID-19.

Indie Megabooth Founder Kelly Wallick announces that nearly after a decade since the beginning of the indie-focused initiative, the group will be going into “hibernation” until further notice.

Due to the circumstances around COVID-19 and the cancellation of many in-person events and the high level of uncertainty, we’re planning to sunset IMB for the duration of the pandemic. After nine years of working on and building the IMB, it was a difficult and disappointing decision to make. Realistically though, we’re a very small team and this situation is bigger than us. Our primary focus right now is to stay healthy and safe through the COVID-19 situation as it’s unfolding. 

Although the physically tangible spirit of Indie Megabooth will be held off until tensions swelling around the novel coronavirus clears up, Wallick shares that all social media accounts and the respected Discord server will still be active. Even more, the organization on leaving for the time being announced the “Going Away (for now) Sale” which players can purchase featured games while events continue to pan out from the ongoing outbreak.

Additionally, Wallick also told that for users who would like to support independent teams during this hold off of the Indie Megabooth can do so by setting up a PayPal for individual to donate during the trying times. You can access the account by heading here if wishing to donate.

Rectify Gaming has been attending over a handful of events that Indie Megabooth has showcased countless titles at. You can read up on the recent feature on She Dreams Elsewhere from this most recent PAX East or on Backbone which was featured during PAX West last year. As of reporting, the last participating event that Indie Megabooth was a part of was PAX East 2020.

Did you visit the Indie Megabooth since the founding of the organization?

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