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Infinity Ward Reveals October 28th Release Date For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Posted on May 25, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Rewinding the tape back to 2019, many fans of the Call of Duty franchise were not surprised to learn that the series is taking a u-turn once more with the next annual release at the time. However, unlike reiterating on the World War II era of the game, the fan base was welcomed with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Developer Infinity Ward revitalized the 2007 IP with a fully revisioned version of the classic release.

And based off the success of the series moving forward in its post-launch, it is no surprise that the team is preparing a follow-up to the release. Despite success of the installments that came after, Black Ops Cold War & Vanguard both follow the structure laid out by Infinity Ward. In February this year, Activision confirmed the series will be a sequel to the 2009 release and will also feature a new installment of Warzone as well.

On Tuesday, Activision alongside Infinity Ward unveiled a new video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II which includes the game’s release date for this October. You can watch the footage in the trailer below:

“A few moments ago, Call of Duty released a rather substantial intel drop in the Port of Long Beach. Featuring 90,000 square feet of visible-from-space iconography, the next chapter in the storied franchise was unveiled. Over the course of 24 hours, a team maneuvered a massive cargo ship containing a Modern Warfare II wrap displaying the enigmatic Task Force 141 Operative Ghost on its storage containers and docked at the port that contained another MWII image, completing the giant puzzle.”

The team continues in the blog post, “As the docking took place, drone footage captured the ship’s movement in its entirety while also revealing some initial key announcements for the game – including artwork revealing a first look at Task Force 141’s additional members and the release date of Modern Warfare II on October 28, 2022.”

Are you excited for the newest installment of the Call of Duty franchise?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is said to release on October 28, 2022 with no listed platforms as of reporting.

Source: Activision

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