Introducing TheFa1seShepard and AntiScott to the Rectify Gaming Team

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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scott and michael


Hey guys as the Owner/Head of Rectify Gaming I’ve had the honor to introduce awesome and creative people. The 2nd Staff member who is Wifiplayer13 our administrator who really does anything such as behind the scenes stuff, articles, helps us in videos, podcast and more.  Our 3rd member was BeetleComet who came in as Community Manager and has done an awesome job with articles, the all in one app and so much more. Our 4th staff member was DUAL BLAD3  who is one of our Content Producer and is a great person and posts great articles and does more activities such as gamenights in the community. Our 5th staff member was TwiztedShotzTV who is a huge Halo/Destiny fan who streams almost every night and he does awesome graphics for the site such as that awesome background and so much more. He also is helping us with tournaments ;). Our 6th staff member was CameronMines who came in as a Review Manager and has done an outstanding job getting awesome reviews up there and not only that he also helps us get contacts for podcasts and more. Our 7th member was Michael William Boccher  who owns 1080players and makes awesome articles for us for all platforms. He even owns a radio show ;). Our 8th member was Metro! Who is our Head of  automotive gaming who produces forza content and all other racing games in article or video form. Our 9th Member was Envi who is our Content Producer and Tournament’s Manager and he has done awesome articles, editing and cool graphics just like TwiztedShotzTV. Our 10th member was Yuiiski who is our Community Moderator who mods the forums and every event we do on Twitch and such. Now I am thrilled to announce our 11th and 12th Staff Member and that is TheFa1seShepard (Who has blonde hair) and AntiiScott as part of our PC Division. They will be hosting gamenights obviously it will be PC games  also will be doing articles and alot more awesome content related to PC Games. If you didn’t know Scott and Michael were part of the team a year ago but now we are back together with actual jobs .

This is not the end of something here this is just heating up we plan to grow on and on and on so expect lots of content to come within the next days, weeks, months and years from Rectify Gaming. Whether it’d be articles, contests, giveaways, videos, podcast, partnerships or anything else we will continue to provide you the best content possible.


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Also other than the team growing I am thrilled to announce a gamenight! This is a BLAST FROM THE PAST GAMENIGHT! We Tyboy17, TheFa1seShepard, AntiScott, and BeetleComet will be hosting a Titanfall Gamenight on Xbox One on Friday, March 13th 2015 starting at 7 PM Est to whatever time we want to. It will be streamed on Twitch like always and we hope you can come on! Just send us a message on Xbox Live for an invite. Our Gamertags are right up there.


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