IO Interactive Presses That More Games Are In The Making Alongside The Coming Project 007

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Later this winter, developer IO Interactive after in nearly half a decade will finally be hanging up its coat for the rebooted trilogy for the Hitman series. In that, the studio will be concluding development as Hitman 3 will ship for current-generation consoles alongside the preceding Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Even Nintendo Switch is also expecting its own version later in 2021 as well.

But looking ahead, IO Interactive is planning to continue its work with an entirely new project. It was in mid November that the Danish game studio unveiled it is working on a new James Bond title;currently codenamed ‘Project 007’. While much of the game is still tightly under wraps, the project is suspected to be structured similarly to Hitman with the iconic protagonist in player’s control.

But even then, there looks to be even more entries and franchises the developer is preparing to pursue in the future aside from James Bond. In an interview with Game Informer, Chief Creative Officer Christian Everdam issues that there are more on the burner that has yet to be put on easy by IO Interactive.

Hitman and IO Interactive are very, very closely knit, obviously,” Abrak says. “But I think, moving forward, IO should not necessarily be mentioned as ‘The Hitman studio IO Interactive,’ but first and foremost, people should think about IO Interactive as IO Interactive first, creators of different IPs and a place of creativity where Hitman is definitely one of our children, but there are going to be more children in the future. And one of them is 007.

While Hitman 3 is told to be the concluding release for the titular franchise from IO Interactive, it is clarified that the team is not officially finished with the series. But, the team now at the helm of crunching out a 007 game leaves the team hungry to explore new and creative altitudes outside of Hitman. “If you think about the future of Hitman as well, if you think about the future of the Bond franchise, we’re in a place where we feel curious and hungry, creatively.”

The team also goes to recognize the irony of where IO Interactive stands in contrast to the team more than two decades prior. And now that Hitman is getting its halt in development with other properties to take priority, the firm is still believes that the series is due to return at some point; even mentioning that the end of the Hitman series is not “at all” finished after 2021’s release.

In a way I think it’s poetic that Hitman, in its prime in a way, was the beginning for IO as an independent company. Right now, it’s also the beginning of IO as an independent company, because the first title that we launch is the ending of this conclusion. And that feels super good, to be honest.

I think the world of the Assassination trilogy, because it will be a whole when you look at it; I think it’s super strong. I’m super proud of it. I’m super proud of what we achieved. That this is the first thing that we launch makes me feel really good and really comfortable about the future.

In regards to potential projects from IO Interactive aside from Project 007, it is suspected the team is working on something related to Freedom Fighters. The 2003 release in recent months received a listing for PC in Europe. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you hope else to be in development by IO Interactive?

Source: Game Informer

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