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iOS 16 Rolls Out Today For Apple Devices Now Implementing Support For Joy-Con & Switch Pro Controller Support

Posted on September 12, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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To many users on iOS, it comes to be a love-hate relationship for Apple owners when it comes to gaming. While the platform in its own respect is worth the extra capital spending for Apple’s in-house devices, third-party support is another story. For services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, and so on, compatibility is an afterthought with Android rolling out first. But, when the update does come out, it is worth celebrating.

The same goes for hardware as well alongside accessories. It was fairly quick learning that the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller received an update to work on iOS. Simultaneously the same applied to the new Xbox Series X|S gamepads as well back in April 2021. What about Nintendo peripherals though? Well, despite releasing back in 2017, support is nowhere in sight.

However, that ends today. September 12th welcomes the new iOS 16 update to all Apple device owners and with that comes native support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. While it is not pressed on the official webpage, user @rileytestut shared back in June that both work in the beta for iOS 16.

Additionally, iOS 16 does include one interesting feature aside from support for Nintendo Switch accessories. In that, users can link two controllers which can combine functionality to control the same entity, the description reads. “Combine two controllers into one whenever you need support during a game. Link two wireless game controllers to drive a single player and get to the next level while playing your favorite games on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.”

Other features for iOS 16 goes on to note improvements to the lock screen including multiple active lock screens, edit feature for messaging, the implementation of Widgets, focus filters, rework for CarPlay, and and overhaul to the Home app. What are you most excited for about iOS 16 coming out?

iOS 16 releases today for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Source: Apple

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