Irdeto’s Denuvo Revealed To Be PlayStation 5’s Official Anti-Cheat Solution For Video Game Publishers

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While the meat of a next-generation console relies on the capabilities that the hardware within offers either that being a beefier CPU, more storage, or even an SSD memory drive, these new machines bring new definitions to household gaming. Howbeit, other oriented initiatives are also being brought to the table. While console is not primarily familiar with the pursuit, PC is already familiar with anti-cheat.

The process to determine the dishonesty of a individual in online gaming has surged in the last decade over on PC and now it appears that PlayStation 5 is next to introduce the mechanic to the newest console hardware. In a new blog post from Irdeto, the firm introduces Denuvo which is shared to be the official anti-cheat solution for game publishers planning to release projects on PlayStation 5.

“Denuvo joins exclusive PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware program to offer Anti-Cheat technology to game developers,” the header for the press release reads.

Cheating ruins video games for honest players. This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic and shrinking revenues for game publishers. We are really proud be able to help the world’s most talented developers to bring rich experiences for gamers on Playstation5.

Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Irdeto Managing Director of Denuvo

While Denuvo is posed to being the emphasis on player safety and ensure in-game rule breaking is squandered, the project is also sported to offer other features like cross-play between platforms and deflect piracy. “Denuvo has a solid track record of protecting AAA titles for over a decade and collaborates with game developers of all sizes, offers cross-platform technologies on PC, Consoles, iOS and Android to secure against games piracy as well as protecting the integrity of the experience

“Securing revenue sources beyond the game sales has become increasingly important for the publishers who rely on ad-revenues, in-game currency, downloadable content (DLC) and more broadly gamers long-term engagement into the games.” Irdeto also comments that Denuvo will not negatively affect performance for games using the program and refrains from impacting the workflow of the developer on the respected game.

Upon the topic of improving PlayStation 5 user experience, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently is reported to be welcoming the support for the utilization of the currently dormant and inactive M.2 drive for internal SSD drives. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you in favor for anti-cheat coming to PlayStation 5?

Source: Irdeto

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