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Is Online Gaming Good For Your Health? Here Is How Playing These Games Can Boost Your Health

Online games have continued to grow in popularity, and people of all ages are embracing them. But did you know that besides being a form of entertainment, they have numerous health benefits? Here is how online games can improve your health, as well as some consequences linked to overdoing it.

Online gaming may ease depression and anxiety

People playing video games tend to be energetic, confident, and emotionally positive. That is precisely the opposite of what depressed people experience or feel. Depressed people often find it challenging to complete daily tasks, lack physical energy, and feel cynical. As such, playing online games can go a long way in easing depression and anxiety.

Improves your vision

Various studies have shown video game players develop better vision over time. They have shown players who play these games often, can differentiate subtle variations in shades of grey and visually detect the direction of movement. It has been noted that 80% of gamers easily spotted cluttered screens. But you want to be cautious as this might end up destroying your eyes if you stare at those screens for too long.

A good painkiller

Yes, playing online games, especially 3D ones, can help kill that pain worrying you. This is according to a study by the American Pain Society. According to this study, gaming helps reduce your brain’s response to physical pain. So next time you have a persistent headache, try playing an engaging online game.

Boosts your brain activity

Video games have a direct impact on your brain. When you play them, they directly impact regions of your brain responsible for fine motor, information organization, memory, and spatial orientation. As such, playing these games more often can help improve your decision-making abilities.

Gaming also boosts your multitasking capabilities, especially those online games that require fighting off the opponent. Continuously playing these games can help you improve your multitasking skills which you can use to accomplish a lot at a go. For example, get the most out of a casino bonus while still enjoying your favorite games. Click this link ( for more information about casino bonuses.

Improves your life skills

Online gaming involves meeting new people, some of whom are located miles away. By interacting with them, you get to polish your life skills. Also, when playing, you learn how to focus on the task at hand, make the right decision, and be patient. You will often meet players who are better than you, and that can challenge you to be patient to be able to beat them the next time you have an opportunity.

Cons of too much online gaming

Well, as much as gaming is good for your health, there are some consequences you need to be aware of, especially if you overdo it.


When gaming, you spend most hours glued to a screen. You rarely move, and that can increase the risk of being overweight. Spending many hours playing online games may also lead to muscle pain and sleep deprivation, which are also linked to obesity.


Generally, online gaming is highly addictive. Any regular gamer can attest to this. If you have poor impulse control or fall in love easily with online gaming, you want to be cautious with any addiction that may come with it. If not, it may end up costing you a lot.

As mentioned earlier, online games are generally addictive. You might find yourself spending the whole day playing these games and that may impact your schooling if you’re still a student. When addiction finally sets in, you might find yourself ignoring deadlines and procrastinating. That eventually will have a huge impact on your academic progress.

Losing touch with the reality

Going out and connecting with people helps you to remain up to date with the current trends, meet new people, and network. That may not be possible when you’re spending hours behind a screen every day. While online gaming in a way helps you meet new people and make new friends, it can replace the real-time human connections you have when hanging out with family and friends.

Wrapping up

Online video games are good for your health if you aren’t overdoing them. If you can control yourself and find a balance, then go ahead and relax playing your favorite online games.

Happy gaming.

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