Is The Elder Scrolls VI Still An Xbox Exclusive?

Posted on February 26, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Ever since the acquisition of Bethesda/ZeniMax Media back in 2020, the concern was how much of its titles will go to Xbox and the latter will be multiplatform. At the time, it was told to be case-by-case. In terms of its plans moving forward, that is more or less still the same. Recently, it confirmed its four titles on the way for Nintendo & PlayStation are Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves: one of the four is from a Bethesda team.

However, this now leads to the question if the same will be applied to upcoming flagship releases from the greater Xbox Game Studios and its respected publishers. At least, according to Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer, it doesn’t appear to be the case – only the four are determined for the new initiative. But, a new claim by The Verge’s Tom Warren tells that The Elder Scrolls VI is on the way for a PlayStation 5 launch alongside Xbox & PC.

From the recent XboxEra Podcast Episode 200, he states: “I don’t think [The Elder Scrolls VI] is going to be exclusive to Xbox. That’s probably changing.” Online, many outlets went on to report his comment to confirm the game is now a planned multiplatform release. But it did not take long for Warren to denounce the reports about his statement online.

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Previously, Phil Spencer in an interview with GQ elaborated that The Elder Scrolls VI is to release exclusively on Xbox consoles. This was later corroborated in a published document from the FTC V. Microsoft case last year. The document in mention lists The Elder Scrolls VI to ship for ‘Xbox, PC’ and does not certify a release for PlayStation.

One of the biggest realizations surrounding The Elder Scrolls VI is that it could signify the last major IP release from Todd Howard. In an interview, he told that he is climbing the ladder in age and that the next entry could face the last time he’s working at Bethesda. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think will happen to The Elder Scrolls VI?

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