Isabelle Announced as Smash Ultimate Fighter, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3 Announced for Switch

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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A new fighter has joined the Smash battle, and it’s none other than the lovable mayor of New Leaf herself.

The Nintendo Direct gave us many surprises as Isabelle will now be a playable character in Smash Ultimate. She was seen sporting a fishing pole, a Lloid rocket, and balloons that are slightly different from Villager. Isabelle has been a highly requested among the Animal Crossing community as she has been a fan favorite for many years. It is speculated she will be an echo fighter for Villager.

In addition, Animal Crossing will be getting a brand new Switch game with a title to be announced later. This might be the biggest news for the Switch as Animal Crossing is one Nintendo’s best-selling and most popular franchises. The release date has not been announced, but Nintendo has set a preliminary date for 2019.

Finally, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. A cult classic among Nintendo fans, this game announcement was only a matter of time. First released in 2001 as a GameCube launch title, Luigi’s Mansion was seen as a big success in the U.S., but didn’t perform well in Japan. The reviews were mostly so-so to positive. As time went on, the game was seen more and more as a highly underrated classic for Nintendo. Luigi’s Mansion even saw a sequel come to the 3DS 12 years after the original. A third title coming to the Switch is a welcome sight for fans of Nintendo and the bumbling Mario brother.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was also given a preliminary release date of 2019.

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