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Posted on December 16, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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We live in a world where anyone can do whatever they dream of and however they want to do it. Anyone of any age can create a website these days, unlike the late 90’s early 2000’s, ‘s where it involved a lot more work to create a website that looked very professional. In the year of 2016 and beyond it keeps getting easier and easier since there are now companies who will literally help you build a website the easiest way possible with templates and not much coding.


First version of Rectify Gaming in 2013

This makes it easier for people to create things like gaming websites and many of these people use their creations with no effort and use it for free games for their own benefit. In my opinion, I wish some “gaming outlets” being created it makes harder for sites that want to be serious like Rectify Gaming to obtain big games for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo to review. I feel some companies are blinded by that and it’s all first come first serve and no effort into looking at the websites at times, but that is a whole other story for a whole other day.
After building Rectify Gaming with many others since day one (December 17th, 2013), I’ve realized a lot of things about building a gaming business like us. It is one of the more difficult things to deal with and it requires a ton of no lifing, some days I would not even touch my Xbox to play games like I would normally do before I created this. That is something a lot of people fear when they want to do something like this and get very serious which is why I see some groups that start out fail within the first month or few months. I’ve even seen this when it came to local people building up clans and Youtube channels before I did Rectify Gaming.

Tyboy with N64Josh and others from AimAssistGaming and community.

When you start everything from your Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, etc from zero and without anyone knowing it’s really hard to start out. Which is why prior to 2013 I’ve made my voice heard in the gaming and Halo community and got some attention right away. All I had at the time was 400 followers and that was it I didn’t have anyone else with me at the start. A week later I started to introduce people to the team and I always have leading up to today with about 20-30 members with us that help in all different areas.
I always wanted to build something that people think is impossible and usually something someone wouldn’t attempt. I didn’t just want to focus on one company, one game, or one objective. I created a universal name in Rectify Gaming and I think I created something bigger with the Rectify brand than I thought I did since day one. I wanted to create something that had no limits and I wanted it to stay around for a very long time, this was never a one and done thing.
Every single day since I thought of Rectify Gaming it never came off of my mind and almost everything I do in life is all about Rectify Gaming. I never got an hour, a minute, or even a couple of hours without thinking of this website. It never comes off my mind and I am always thinking of new ideas that will take it even further. I don’t use this as a way to get free games and half the time I let my writers/reviewers review most of the AAA or even indie games because I have a lot going on myself. This whole organization isn’t about me at all, it is about growing our baby in Rectify Gaming to the best damn thing possible.
There is a lot to go into building a successful organization such as promoting yourself not only on social media, but going to conventions like PAX to network with some great developers and executives if you are lucky to see them. Making original content for Youtube has always been a struggle for me, but that is why we have brought on great YouTubers onto our team. Making sure you want quality streams are also important and that is something that is becoming our strength. Another thing I find difficult and involves a lot of hard work is creating a successful Tournament. First, you have to make sure you have a decent prize, you have good numbers on social media to bring in people, and great communication. I am glad to say every tournament we have done was a success and will continue to be.
Basically what has frustrated me is that there are so many people who hop on a ship that has already found land.  What I mean by that is people just want to jump on a website, channel, organizations, etc when they are already at a successful number. Many of those people use that for selfish reasons and don’t respect the owner/founder as they should. When people look at a number they think it is extremely easy to achieve which is not even getting to the 1,000 number requires a lot of dedication. I am not trying to make anyone reading this walk away from doing something like this I just want to emphasize that it isn’t easy and don’t want you to be disappointed the first month and give up which I have seen.
The people who are with and who have been with Rectify Gaming are still growing up with it. That is what makes a difference opposed to others these guys are working for the site to grow as well because it isn’t a one man job. If you want something like this to be successful you can’t go solo for a very long time.

Living a dream at E3 2016

Rectify Gaming has helped me reach some high goals I had such as going to E3 and I can’t stop thinking about that experience I had there. One of the best times I must say.
I hope you all enjoyed this lengthy post touching on several topics. Thanks to everyone for being there for Rectify Gaming we aren’t going away so soon. 2017 is going to be even bigger and better. My goal is to make this bigger than just a job.
Tyler Nienburg, Owner, and Founder of Rectify Gaming.
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