Jack Black Becomes The Next Welcomed Actor To The Borderlands Film Cast To Voice Claptrap

Posted on February 11, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Given that many fans are looking towards anyway for Gearbox Software or Lionsgate to entertain the idea of sharing more information on the coming Borderlands motion picture, that comes to be a slim opportunity as much has still yet to develop on the production since its announcement back in February 2020 very close to a year ago. However, there is slim picking as to what is officially confirmed for the film.

One detail being the casting for the protagonist Siren, Lilith. Upon speaking with Entertainment Weekly, director Eli Roth disclosed his excitement to be working with Cate Blanchett on the film. He slips that the actress will be part of the leading roles for the movie – presuming to be Lilith taken from her likeness to the character.

Now in a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, another actor has been fished out for a namely role in the Borderlands universe. This time, it is shared that Jack Black will be casted as the notorious robot, Claptrap.

I am so excited to reunite with Jack, this time in the recording booth. Claptrap is the funniest character in the game, and Jack is perfect to bring him to the big screen.

Eli Rother, Borderlands Film Director

In a separate report from The Hollywood Reporter back in early January, the publication issued some other nuance in regards to the Borderlands movie. In that, it disclosed that filming in Budapest is scheduled to initiate fairly soon. Additionally, the outlet also spoke on the chances of Kevin Hart being casted as Roland which has now been confirmed.

Elsewhere in other Borderlands-related news, the well-executed Tales from the Borderlands is set to make a return to digital storefronts. After the initial losing of developer Telltale Games, the title amongst others were delisted as a result. But now, the list of titles are finally making a comeback. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for Jack Black to voice the iconic robot?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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