Jeff Ross & John Garvin, Responsible For Days Gone, Announce Departure From Bend Studio

Posted on December 3, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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For developer Bend Studio, the next entry from the Oregon-based team is still under wraps for the time being. However, the firm certainly was busy with its latest project, Days Gone. Although the game originally shipped back in April 2019 more than a year ago, the title’s post-launch layout is fairly lacking expansive content to return to. However, the game instead was primed for the next-generation console, PlayStation 5.

In anticipation for the newest iteration of PlayStation back in early November last month, the firm disclosed that the game will be primed for the system’s release the following week with expected enhancements. That includes a dynamic 4K resolution target and 60 frames per second performance. Bend Studio was even generous enough to toss in data transfers to the new console.

But, in an abrupt string of posts this week, big changes at Bend Studio are happening. In that, both Days Gone Writer John Garvin and Game Director Jeff Ross announce to be departing from the developer. The two disclosed the news on Twitter respectively.

In actuality, John Garvin in his tweet announced he already left Bend Studio more than a year ago, but made the announcement the same day Ross did. For Garvin, he disclosed to be focusing on more personal matters outside of the game industry since his leaving of Bend Studio. Garvin is most recognized for his efforts in developing Syphon Filter and Resistance: Retribution outside of the recent Days Gone.

As for Ross, he tells that he will be migrating over to Chicago following the cool down of COVID-19. Aside from that, it seems Ross is not as adamant to leave the video game industry as of yet. Alike many leading figures at established studios, perhaps Ross is going to start up a new team when he reaches the Midwest. As of now, that is only speculation, not confirmed information.

But for the future of Bend Studio, it is uncertain who will be replacing the two now that they are out of the equation. Howbeit, the industry including those at Rectify Gaming are grateful for both Garvin’s and Ross’ contributions to such moving projects and are supportive to whatever comes next for the two.

What are you in hopes to come next from Bend Studio?

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