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Job Listing For Double Fine Productions Reveals Unannounced Multiplayer Title

While we are aware that developer Double Fine Studios is currently in active development towards finishing up on the long-awaited Psychonauts 2, it looks that the team also has another title conjuring elsewhere at the studio. According to a job listing discovered by TrueAchievements, the team is looking for a Multiplayer Network Programmer.

While it is expectedly normal for developers to post listings for available positions, what makes this specifically unique is that this suggests that the development team is in the midst of another title which has yet to be revealed to public view.

The listing words that Double Fine is looking for applicants who are well-acquainted with “implementing and supporting key multiplayer gameplay features”. Reading more, it is suspected that the listing calls for experience and understanding of Unreal Engine 4. It is also cited that those who apply are expected to have flexible ideals that are accustomed to the same creative drive that is at Double Fine Productions.

Interesting enough, the job listing then goes on to ask of those that apply to have “development experience on the current generation of consoles, particularly Xbox One.” However, upon further reading, the listing also inquires that the applicant to also hone “enthusiasm to develop for next gen consoles.” The statement while suggesting for experience leading to newer hardware, suspecting the Xbox Series X, this does not fully confirm to be a possible exclusive.

It was back in August of 2019 that Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty told of future entries developed by Double Fine Productions to be multiplatform titles. Booty goes to make the acquisition of Mojang’s Minecraft parallel to Double Fine regarding upcoming title in the future. So the expectation for a next generation release could go beyond Microsoft’s forthcoming system.

Among all that was uncovered from the listing, as of now, the job listing has been removed from the webpage. Perhaps the studio already found the desired applicant? Or that too much attention surrounding this finding is more than both Double Fine and Xbox Game Studios would like.

Source: TrueAchievements

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