Judgement On Halt Following Actor’s Arrest For Drug Possession

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Sega’s upcoming game from the developers that created the string of Yakuza titles, Judgement has grown to be a highly anticipated title since the game’s announcement back in 2018 at the Tokyo Game Show. The game then labeled as ‘Project Judge’, reverses the role from RGG Studio’s protagonist from the titular Yakuza gang to a more respected role as a detective to clear an innocent man’s name under a short timeframe.

And similar to the acts within a crime centered game, the same happened for on of the game’s actors. Japanese performer and actor Pierre Taki was arrested late last night in Tokyo by the city’s police under the possession of narcotics. The Japanese police shared that Taki was made to take a mandate drug test revealing that he in fact had the narcotic in his system. When searching the car under his possession at the time of the arrest, no traces of cocaine was discovered.

Despite not evidence pointing towards the drug being in Taki’s possession, it being in his system triggered a narcotic investigation by the police. Along with the discovered South Korean Won bill found in his vehicle, authorities determined it to be used towards getting the narcotic into his system.

In response to the incident, Sega has removed the title for sale. Including all images related to the forthcoming title on their Twitter as well as the game is not listed when searched on the PlayStation Store. As of writing this, Sega has yet to comment if the recent occurrence will only affect the game’s sale in Japan, or the West also.

This is not the first time similar events happened as reported back in October with actor Hiroki Narimiya was accused of using cocaine and suddenly announced his retirement from the industry.

As of right now, Judgement is still expected to release this coming June 21st for PlayStation 4.

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