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July 2019’s NES Library Gets Donkey Kong 3, Wrecking Crew, And New Rewind Feature

This month for the new additions on the Nintendo Switch Online service, Nintendo as per usual added two new titles to the growing NES library for subscribers as well as introducing a new feature for fans to use when playing the retro titles on Nintendo Switch.

For July 2019, Nintendo has added Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew to the mix of different titles currently available on the Nintendo Entertainment System Switch Online service. The third in the series as like previous pit the player against titular Donkey Kong as this time he hangs above the character on vines from above. Playing Stanley the Exterminator, you use his handy bug spray to fend off both the gorilla as well as nearby bugs.

The second featured title has players take control of Mario or Luigi with the objective to smash a set amount of objects while other enemies close in on the player. Wrecking Crew is yet another title to feature Mario as the protagonist: this title came out just a few months before the first Super Mario World title released later that coming August in 1985.

As for the new feature that Switch Online users should be excited for is the Rewind option. Whenever you are in a tight spot or simply want to undo what you just did, just tap the ZL + ZR buttons on the Switch and you will be prompt to choose a few segments just seconds before to trace back towards. This is a feature that plenty of ROM emulators already offer along with fast forwards, so it is an already welcomed element to the service.

Recently, it was revealed that Nintendo has finally made the milestone of cumulatively reaching 10 million users for Nintendo Switch Online since the service’s debut almost a year ago in September of last year.


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