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Junji Ito Shares His Role On Silent Hills Alongside Kijima And Del Toro

Back at the start of this generation, the concept of the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 still being conditioned as last gen while Sony’s latest platform took s strong lead in unit sales against Microsoft’s current Xbox One. One title in particular that gave PlayStation 4 an edge over competing consoles was a free game that gave goosebumps of both terror and excitement called P.T..

At the time, the title held as just a sample of what Hideo Kojima’s mind had at work for the then-forthcoming title, Silent Hills. What truly made this an even more gripping game in the making was that alongside Kojima, Director Guillermo Del Toro and horror manga creator Junji Ito were involved in the project, which seemed to be the perfect band of minds for the task.

Following the game’s debut on the PlayStation Store, Kojima’s relationship with Konami began to fade away until ultimately being dropped from the publisher and cancelling the highly anticipated title. While ex-Konami Director eventually got picked up by Sony Interactive Entertainment to form Kojima Productions and del Toro continuing his work in film, much details revolving around Ito’s involvement have been very minimal to public eye.

In a recent discussion at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, Ito revealed how he originally got introduced to the project and where his role was set for the now-cancelled game. Credit to Twitter User @MinovskyArticle translating his answers.

Ito revealing to never truly make it off the ground for Silent Hills with the most he received from the pitch were tickets to see Pacific Rim and karaoke after meeting with Konami. Despite being alien to video games, Ito does however holds more than a two decade friendship with Hideo Kojima which many might have not known.

The most unusual part is seeing that Ito regardless of his role in the project, only heard about the game’s cancellation through the grape vine of sources, not from Kojima, del Toro, or even Konami.


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